Nokia Patents Bendy-Phone


Nokia has filed a patent for a bendable phone, which bears some resemblance to the concepts it had shown off for its “Morph” design a couple of years back.

Oh dear... I have nanite envy... 😦

While the patent filing, picked up by SlashGear, doesn’t tell us nearly as much as we’d like to know about Nokia’s potential flexible phone, we’re still curious about its applications. The original morph as it was showed off, seemed to boast a flexible display build around a semi-transparent and equally flexible phone (all thanks to the still-pending wonders of nanotechnology). Users were shown snapping the phone around their wrists, at which point the Morph threw up a lock-icon.

Still, there are plenty of interesting bits and pieces to Nokia’s patent filing for a flexible phone, not least of which the implication that the device could be set up so that it associates certain stretches and flexes with predetermined actions. That means that, as in the morph video, snapping the phone around a wrist could automatically set it to display the time as though it were a (very wide) watch. Nokia describes it,

“In one embodiment the pre-specified shape is also associated with a movement. As a pre-specified shape is detected and followed by the detection of a pre-specified movement an associated function is executed.”

Admittedly, they’re a little roundabout in their description of it, but it’s an interesting idea.

Anyway, for anyone who wants to see what Nokia’s Morph looked like when it was first shown off as a concept piece for a nonatechnology based phone, you can check it out below. Admittedly, the new phone won’t be stretchable and polymorphous as the Morph concept shows off… because let’s face it, it’s not the future yet.


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One Response to “Nokia Patents Bendy-Phone”

  1. izziepoptarts Says:

    I really want a future phone now! But when will they actually be made? I’m still waiting for my hoverboard 😦

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