Skype Sees Massive Boost


It seems that Skype has seen a massive bump over the course of the last year or so, with the VOIP company now accounting for fully 12% of all international calling minutes.

According to a report from TeleGeography, growth of international telephone traffic on a whole has slowed, while Skype has seen its uptake continue steadily, managing to accumulate a massive following. It’s worth noting that Skype accounts for fully 12% of all “international calling minutes” but we’d imagine the percentage of international calls carried by Skype is far lower… it’s just that those using Skype for international calls are more likely to stay on the phone significantly longer.

TeleGeography’s Stephan Beckert is quoted as having observed that, “Demand for international voice has been remarkable robust, but it’s clearly not recession proof.” It’s an interesting turn, and one that Skype is very well positioned to take advantage of, cannibalising some percentage of those international calls that might, in previous years, have been served from ordinary carriers.

It certainly seems as though Skype is doing very well for itself, with speculation arising earlier this week that the company could seek integration with some of the bigger social networks – helped by the fact that Skype itself boasts more users than Facebook, MySpace and Twitter combined.

The impact that any such move could have is something we’d be curious to see, but, as TeleGeography points out, Skype is already “the largest provider of cross border communications in the world, by far.” It seems as though providing a simple service, that’s both widely accessible and reliable, had been enough to keep Skype going strong through the hard times.


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One Response to “Skype Sees Massive Boost”

  1. John Says:

    I ahve been using skype and it has been improving a lot this year!

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