Zune Phones on the Way?


Not content to be the brains behind the guts of Google’s Nexus One, it seems that HTC could have a hand in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 release, alongside LG.

HTC does have a bit of a flair for design 🙂

While this is all purest rumour and speculation for the moment, the folks at Engadget have pointed to LG’s Apollo and HTC’s Obsession to be the flagship devices for Microsoft’s upcoming addition to the mobile space, Windows Mobile 7. While we’re very curious to see some more official details about Windows Mobile 7, the current rumour is that we’ll see two different flavours of the devices, aimed at business and media use respectively.

Those versions are, so far, just being referred to as Windows Phone Seven Business Edition and Windows Phone Seven Media Edition. While they’re simple enough names, the move from Windows Mobile 7 to Windows Phone Seven helps keep a feeling of parity between the desktop and portable versions of Windows, which would certainly help Microsoft trade on the good reputation it’s built up with its latest Windows release.

Certainly moving the Zune brand over to a phone would help proliferate the platform overseas, the one thing that Microsoft has seemed hesitant to do with the Zune and Zune HD so far. While it might not be the “Zune Phone” that Microsoft was rumoured to be working on as part of project pink, it seems that if this rumour turns out to be true, a phone running Zune services is on the way.

Of course, given that these devices will be running Windows Mobile 7 (or Windows Phone Seven, depending on how true all of the above is), we can also expect to see some iteration of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Live mobile setup available…

It’s all very interesting stuff, if you’re curious, Engadget has a heap more data, including some potential hardware spec for the devices.


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One Response to “Zune Phones on the Way?”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Wow how do these guys come up with such awesome ideas! XD

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