Apple Tablet to be Delayed for Six Months?


The bells and whistles of Apple’s tablet launch on 27 January may end up being somewhat muted after rumours began to surface today that the product may well be delayed from going on sale for six months due to concerns over battery life and durability.

We know Steve Jobs will wear black to the launch, but when will the public get their hands on the tablet?

Following a similar pattern to the launch of the iPhone – unveiled in January 2007 but not in the hands of consumers until the following June – the Daily Telegraph are reporting that according to a new note to investors, written by analyst Shaw Wu, from investment bank Kaufman Bros, the actual sale of the device could be delayed due to these “minor issues”.

The report goes on to say that Wu (a “senior analyst covering hardware, storage, and the technology supply chain”) said the product was like a ‘super’ iPod touch. “This tablet product has been described to us as a hybrid between an iPhone/iPod touch and a Mac but in terms of software and components, it appears closer to the former,” he wrote.

Estimating that the tablet will cost around $999 (€708) Wu added that, “From our understanding, it is not intended to replace a Mac but be somewhat of a ‘super’ iPod touch where video, gaming, web browsing, e-books and the ability to run multiple apps would be enhanced with the much larger screen.”

A Wall Street Journal report has reported that the delay could be close to two months, citing “people briefed on the matter” as sources. Wu also predicted that Wi-Fi would be the “most likely option” for network access as opposed to 3G – which he said was already “strained”.


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  1. Olive Muddaththir Says:

    Laptops will revolutionize the country when they are accessible to everyone financially. Think of every man and women, having a personal laptop.

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