Ivor Novello Awards Introduce Games Score Gong


Gaming’s cultural footprint is often a topic for debate these days but if there’s a sure sign that people in supposedly high places are no longer dismissing the industry as something for kids or wastrels it’s the news that the prestigious Ivor Novello Awards, which celebrate excellence in music composition, have confirmed plans to recognise video game scores for the first time.

Ivor Novello, once sentenced to eight weeks in prison for misuse of petrol coupons

According to The Times, the awards ceremony will this year include a ‘Best Original Video Game Score’ category to acknowledge the growing sophistication in game soundtracks. “The Ivors has always sought to reflect the ever-changing world of songwriting and composing,” said Mark Fishlock, a member of the selection committee.

“The video games market has matured beyond recognition and big budget orchestral scores are regularly being commissioned. Writing music for games also requires a number of specialist skills compared with conventional film scoring, such as non-linear and multi-layered composition.”

Video game entries are now being accepted by the Novello committee, with any commercial release up for consideration ahead of the awards ceremony in May. Even ignoring the fact that both Jamiroquai and Keane have won these in the past this is still a fairly positive piece of news.


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