Nvidia CEO Says PC has Lost its Magic


Nvidia’s CEO stated in a recent interview that he feels the PC has “lost its magic” as the platform has matured, with newer hardware no longer offering the same massive shifts it once did.

In the recent BBC interview, Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, was fairly frank and forthright about the state not only of the industry, but also the way we relate to PCs on an individual level and how Nvidia got to where it is today. It’s certainly an interesting look into the mind of a man with a lot of influence over the shape of the industry today. He talks openly about some of Nvidia’s darker days, saying that,

“I still remember when we first started our company we were the world’s last computer graphics company to have been founded.

“Somebody said, ‘Jen-Hsun, why would you want to be in PC graphics? This space is littered with competitors. It’s just a terrible neighbourhood. Why don’t you guys go into communicatins?’ – because that was the hot thing at the time.”

Huang goes from there to discussing the current state of the market, describing something that many PC gamers will by now be familiar with when he talks about the level of maturity the hardware has reached. Huang describes the issue with the PC, saying,

“The computer that we know of today has lost its magic in the sense that the technology has become rather more mature and that is one of the reasons the PC has stopped amazing us.”

It’s certainly an interesting piece, and one that gives a fantastic insight into the mind of someone who has become a very influential figure indeed. Moreover, if things like Nvidia’s ION manage to really take hold, then we could be seeing the company inject a little more of that magic back into the PC through the humble netbook, which is never a bad thing.

Anyone with an interest would do very well to have a look at the full interview over at the BBC.


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