Star Trek Online Crushed by Beta Requests


It seems that worries about Star Trek Online may have been unfounded after it emerged that the game’s developer, Cryptic Studios, has been overwhelmed with users looking for access to the open beta.

There seems to be a lot more murder in new Star Trek than old Star Trek...

It’s certainly interesting to see such strong adoption, but it probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. While many were quick to voice their doubts about the massive multiplayer game, it seems that the combination of Cryptic’s solid reputation and the recognition that comes with the Star Trek brand has been enough to give the game a phenomenal amount of hype. We’d imagine that’s only been strengthened by the fairly recent release of the newest Star Trek movie on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Indeed, CVG is reporting that even the folks at Cryptic Studios have been surprised by the sheer number of users trying to gain access to the game’s open beta program. Indeed, according to an update from Cryptic, the company is having trouble keeping up with the users trying to gain access, saying,

“So very many people have shown interest in Star Trek Online and logged in to play that we’ve actually had to scramble to support everyone. Our core engineers are this very second working like crazed technology wielding madmen to improve performance and stability across the board. We’re also adding a lot more hardware to accommodate our players.”

It’s nice to see Cryptic managing to do well for itself, and by its own admission it seems that the initial rush on the open beta has “crushed our predictions.” Still, we’ll be curious to see what those players who’ve already gained access think of the game, after questions emerged from those in the closed beta about just what level of polish users might expect when the game eventually ships.


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3 Responses to “Star Trek Online Crushed by Beta Requests”

  1. Niall Says:

    Played the beta for two days then got a little bored! It shows a lot of promise but largely a bugged and unfinished product. Although two very different games, it will take it a long, long time to get to the current development stage of rival EVE Online. Wait a couple of years then subscribe :p

  2. Telidon Says:

    If everyone thinks like you Niall there won’t be a game around to subscribe to in two years. That being said I will agree that the first couple of days there were many bugs, however Cryptic has released a few patches during the last week to correct many of the problems making the game playable for the most part. Also in regards to your comment about a unfinished product it is also my understanding that additional content will be available at launch.

  3. Niall Says:

    You’re absolutely right, I was joking there at the end. Cryptic has done a good job squashing bugs, and as they have released expansions free of charge for their other MMO Champions Online that’s a great selling point to prospective subscribers of Star Trek Online.

    The large dedicated Star Trek fanbase alone will keep the game going fine, as long as they continue to work on it, which I’m sure they will. Every MMO has a lot of teething problems starting out, and it’s obviously to be expected moreso when it’s in beta.

    However I wouldn’t spend 50-60 Euro for the full game along with subscription costs, I’m already on a continual 3 month plan with CCP for EVE so simply can’t afford it.

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