Hacked, Change Your Passwords


For those who’ve been having issues figuring out what to do with themselves after yesterday’s sudden Twitter outage, today’s outage has probably caused a similar issue when it comes to combating workplace boredom.

Godspeed gentlemen 🙂

The word from the folks at is that its database was attacked by a source outside Ireland. Apparently, the attack saw those portions of the Boards’ database that contain members’ usernames, email addresses and “obfuscated passwords” accessed by the attackers. The folks from Boards had the following quick pieces of advice for anyone who has an account with them,

“If you use the same password on Boards as you do on other services, you should change it on those other services to be safe. Boards passwords are NOT stored in plain text, they are obscured with the standard vBulletin ‘Hash.’ While this provides strong protection, we have altered all passwords on Boards as a precaution and suggest you take this time to alter other similar passwords.”

Anyway, since we’re aware that many of our readers are Boards members, especially those of you who’ve been good enough to get in on our competitions on our Talk to Komplett forum, we figured it might be best to make sure this news spreads and as many people as possible get the word out.

We’d imagine this is especially relevant for those of you who have accounts but only use Boards occasionally, in which case you might not have heard the kafuffle surrounding the attack,. That makes it a little more important that we make sure there’s a post up on the blog.

Anyway, hopefully it’s all over and done with and back to normal soon. Good luck to the guys from Boards in getting everything sorted out without any more trouble and fingers crossed.

In the interim, you can read the a full statement over at


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