Boot Camp Gets Win7 Support


Apple has update its Boot Camp arrangement for users looking to get Windows on to their Macs so that it now officially supports Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7.

When Apple first announced that it would be updating Boot Camp so that it supported Windows 7, it had guaranteed that the update would be available by the end of 2009. While it might not seem as though three weeks is too far over the mark for those anxious to get an officially supported install going, it was enough to provoke some fairly dire speculation about the state of Windows 7 on Mac and how it interacted with Mac OS.

Indeed, there was no shortage of people dropping us a line when we initially reported on the delay to the latest version of Boot Camp, split evenly between those who had just gone for broke and installed Windows 7 without any issues, and those who had seen massive problems arise since their Windows 7 install. One had even reported that, since they’d installed Windows 7, both Mac OS and their Windows partition had become so slow as to be unusable, requiring both to be formatted.

In any case, it’s nice to see that there’s official support available now, for those who had been too scared by the horror stories to try the whole thing out. It’s also pleasant to see that the latest version, Boot Camp 3.1, supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and allows for users to upgrade from older versions of Windows to Windows 7, which will be ideal for any who already have a working Boot Camp partition in XP or Vista that they’d like to move on to Windows 7 without erasing.


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