Inside the Mind of Bill Gates


After finding his way onto Twitter recently Bill Gates is beginning to get into the whole idea of sharing thoughts, musings, lunch choices and betting tips. Well maybe not the last two, but he’s launched a site – The Gates Notes – to keep people up to date on what matters to the Microsoft Chairman, with elements including a podcast series, missions statements on education and pandemics and much more.

I think we’d all like to know what he was thinking here.

It’s nice, neat and simple but beyond his more extra-curricular interests, the site is bound to be an oft-quoted source for comments on any major tech news. Gates told CNET that he missed having the kind of Web presence he had at Microsoft.

“The Internet is tailor-made for the kind of activities I am involved in,” Gates said. “When I take a trip, we have all these photos. People want to see that and it’s very easy to put it up there. If I read a book, some people are considering whether to read that book or want a short understanding of what that’s like.”

Gates said he plans to post content about three times a week, with some posts being brief and others being more in-depth. One interesting section should be ‘conversations’ which is designed to include both interviews with Gates as well as excerpts from some of the long e-mail exchanges he has with various thinkers as well as question-and-answer sessions with students from around the world.


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