More Details on Misa’s Digital Guitar


While some images of the Misa Digital Guitar have been swimming about online over the past week, very few details regarding its actual capabilities have leaked out. However, have grabbed a few nuggets of info today and far from being a throwaway toy for a rich kid there seems to be some decent work done underneath the neat exterior.

Looks like something yer man from Muse would play. Hopefully sounds better than them though...

“The body, machined out of ABS, looks like a guitar. The player puts theirs hands in the same places you would on a guitar but the lack of strings make it something different. The left had manipulates inputs in the form of 144 sensors, six in each of the twenty-four fret positions. The right hand doesn’t strum, but uses a multi-touch screen to control the inputs,” says Hackaday.

“Tying this all together is an (500MHz) AMD Geode processor running Gentoo Linux. That means this is open source and begging you to make it do your bidding.”

PCWorld also notes that the Linux firmware code is open source, which allows programmers to modify it to their liking. “The touchpad is set up on an x/y coordinate pair where you will assign your desired effects. Accordingly, striking or dragging your fingers in different areas around the touchpad will produce different modulations of the effects, which rids you of the need to move knobs or faders to change the intensity of an effect. The touchpad is also pressure-sensitive, so the harder you strike it, the louder the notes will ring, just like a real guitar.

The Misa guitar will be available in either black or white. Although a price has not been set for it just yet, the maker expects to release that information within the next few days.


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One Response to “More Details on Misa’s Digital Guitar”

  1. Hairs Says:

    Misa: Matt Bellamy wants his Guitar patents back, thanks.

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