YouTube Launches Music Service


YouTube has launched its own Music Discovery service, for want of a better description, boasting the heading “Find > Mix > Watch.”

YouTube’s new service, which you can find fairly simply by heading over to For now, it all seems fairly straightforward, all you need to do is drop a name into the “Artist” box and YouTube works some kind of behind-the-scenes witchcraft and comes back to you with, on the right hand side, a list of songs to listen to by that artist. However, it’s the left hand side that’s really interesting.

The left hand side boasts, at its top, a simple enough video player, and, directly below it, a playlist, offering a range of music by similar artists. There’s no word yet on just how that list is generated, but we wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that it’s somehow based on the listening habits of users who enjoy perusing music on YouTube, a group that we suspect will likely grow with the introduction of the new music functionality.

If nothing else, it’s a very interesting turn for YouTube to take, and one that makes an awful lot of sense since the service managed to gain the rights legally offer copyrighted music in more regions. Of course, there’s no way of knowing how popular this service will get, but given the YouTube tie in, it seems likely that it’ll do very well indeed.

Perhaps most important when it comes to a free music service, there’s no advertising to those users who aren’t in the mood to pay a subscription, unlike services like Spotify (though for those of us in Ireland, there’s no ads in Spotify either). Still, curious stuff, we’re enjoying it here in the office though.


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3 Responses to “YouTube Launches Music Service”

  1. Sinan Says:

    Hey, does a similar job with the Similar Artists. Just go to ANY artist page, and it’ll have a few the are most similar to it, with a link to a list with more. The same thing happens with it’s music discovery feature. Listen to enough music with “scrobbling” it all, and it’ll gather data for a list of artist’s that you will probably be into. Similar again to it’s “Neighbour” feature. It matches people’s listening habits to one another.

    So it’s not like it hasn’t been done before, but this time, but because it doesn’t do the latter 2, it wont need any extra software [except for Flash of course], it’s all self-contained on the website. on the other hand needs software to capture and send what your listening to, to the website for compilation [which when on, just sits there – has a small resource footprint, yet, with a stable connection does everything without ever needing to telling you]

    So I’d say they’re competing more with on this one than anything else

    • komplettie Says:

      Very true, Last.FM is superb for that kind of listening, but I think the really big thing is that it doesn’t need the user to download anything, it’s what makes it so interesting. It’s also got the YouTube name on it, which’ll drag users right in 😉

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