Everyone Falling for the BookBook


Well here’s an early contender for non-essential, great looking impulse buy of the day. Introduce yourself to the BookBook, which – in the space of seconds – turns your prim and proper MacBook into a vintage leather-bound book that Ron Burgundy would love to have on his shelves.

Twelve South’s new MacBook case looks like something Cap’n Jack Sparrow would read.

Novelty accessories company Twelve South yesterday introduced the BookBook to the world. Available for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models; the BookBook cradles your MacBook with a padded interior and hard, rigid exterior. It’s available in brown with a black spine and brown with a red spine, and each cover is hand-distressed. The nicest touch though has to be the dual zips which, to the untrained eye, appear to be bookmarks. Back. Of. The. Net.

For their part, Twelve South do point out that it will be a useful idea for many who want to keep their MacBook safe. “The rigid spine serves as crush protection for an additional line of defense. BookBook creates a hardback book structure that safeguards your MacBook like few other cases can. Far better than any floppy neoprene bag ever will. End of story,” reads a confident company statement.

Each BookBook, Twelve South adds, is brought to life with hand craftsmanship and distressing, ensuring no two are exactly alike. It’s going to cost you around $80 (€57) but you know you want it already.

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One Response to “Everyone Falling for the BookBook”

  1. izziepoptarts Says:

    It’s true, I really do want it 🙂

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