Facebook Adds App/Games Dashboard


Facebook has announced that it is to add a new dashboard feature to allow users to more easily interact with their apps and games, presumably without them cluttering up their feed.

The change has been announced on the Facebook Blog, with the Facebook’s own Jordan Alperin explaining that the intention is to make it easier for users to interact directly with applications and to open “new communication channels accessible to all users from the home page.” It also has the pleasant side effect of giving apps somewhere to live that’s a little bit better separated from the main bulk of Facebook itself – the more social side of things.

The new games and apps dashboard also includes a few bits and pieces that could be genuinely useful, mostly to those of us who are particularly interested in Facebook apps in the first place. The first is that users will be able to see their friends recent activity, with the blog post pointing out that,

“The dashboards will display some of the applications that a user’s friends are using along with information about relevant activities within the application. You’ll [in this case, the developer] set these activity stories via the Dashboard API.”

If nothing else, it’ll be nice to see some separation between Facebook itself and the various different apps/games that users tend to see clogging up the main feed. Moreover, it could well see those apps that tend to see the most use rise to the top, though it’s hard to imagine Farmville grabbing any more users than it already has.

Anyone for Scrabble?


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