Final Fantasy to Hit App Store


It seems that Square Enix is to bring the original Final Fantasy, along with Final Fantasy II, to Apple’s App Store for its iPhone and iPod Touch.

Word comes from SiloconEra about the port, which for some reason everyone seems to be in a rush to point out will boast updated controls to better fit the touch-sensitivity of the devices it’ll see release on. For now though, there’s precious little to know other than that Square Enix intends to rerelease the games through Apple’s mobile app shop.

While Square has announced that the two versions of Final Fantasy will be “coming soon,” there’s no word yet on an official date for the apps’ launch, or even whether or not the two will be launched at the same time. It seems as though Square could stand to make more money if it released them separately, with enough time between for players to finish Final Fantasy before releasing the follow-up.

Still, we have no word on just when we can expect to see them or just how much they’ll cost, but it’s interesting to see more companies releasing ports of older games for Apple’s smartphone and media players. Square Enix in this case is following the example of companies like Shiny, which released Earthworm Jim to the App Store late last year and Sega, which not only boasts a raft of titles available, but has submitted an official emulator for its Mega Drive games console to the App Store.

Still, we’re a little more curious about Final Fantasy than some of the other additions for two reasons. The first is simple nostalgia, which is a little hard to argue with, but the second is the fact that we’re assured that the rereleased Final Fantasy is to boast a graphics refresh, which is always nice.


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