Firefox 3.6 Gets Official


Mozilla’s latest version of its browser, Firefox 3.6, has seen some delays, but it is now available for download for those who had avoided the beta until now.

Earlier this week, Mozilla released a second release candidate for version 3.6 of its Firefox browser, sparking some minor rumours that we might see the update delayed further, but those fears were allayed last night when the new version of Firefox was made available for general download through the Firefox page. There are a few interesting changes in the latest version of Firefox that are worth knowing about, for those who avoided the beta.

According to TheRegister, the whole point with Firefox 3.6 wasn’t to make another incremental update that would up the speed a little in an attempt to keep up with the browser arms race, but to make as many new technologies available to users as possible, which would then allow developers to rely on more users being able to use those technologies.

The list of new inclusions in Firefox 3.6 includes extending support for HTML5, a Drag and Drop API (which allows for files to move between the users OS and a browser window with as little trouble as possible), and, perhaps most interesting, the ability of the browser to access the accelerometer in some notebooks. The demonstration that the folks from Firefox gave shows a relatively simple image of the Firefox logo managing to stay upright regardless of the orientation of the laptop it’s being shown on.

It’s a relatively simple addition, but we’ll be curious to see if anything interesting comes of there being more widespread support for browser-based accelerometer support. In the meantime, here’s a video of someone playing around with the tilt-functionality…

Useless seldom looks like so much fun 🙂


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