YouTube Gets a Makeover


It seems that YouTube is already moving on its revisions to the service, announced two days ago, in an attempt to give the whole site a more unified look and feel.

The YouTube blog has been a hive of activity over the past few days, between announcements that we’d see the service revamped and the announcement that it would be offering movies from independent filmmakers for rental. Still, it seems as though the biggest change so far has been to the video page (that is to say, the video that anyone using the service might currently be viewing). The whole aim of the redesign seems to have been to emphasise the content being delivered, which is fairly evident.

So, according to the posting to YouTube’s blog about it, emphasising the video has been at the heart of the redesign, with everything else being stripped down and streamlined as much as possible. Indeed, according to the post itself,

“YouTube is about creating and watching the world’s biggest video collection; therefore, the design should make the video the star. To that end, the new look is more subdued, stripped down and simple than before. The design should ease users into advanced features, while providing power users with all the functionality they want.”

Alongside all of this, they’ve also removed the normal rating system. This one has been coming a while, but it essentially seemed that people were only rating using the top and bottom ends of the spectrum; that’s been tackled by simply offering a “Like” and a “Don’t Like” option, the former of which also acts as the “Add to favourites” button. It’s a solid model, and one that will hopefully help make YouTube a little more browsable.

If you’d like to start using the new YouTube, you can click on the opt-in link towards the bottom of the YouTube blog post about it.


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