Acer to Expand with Apps Store and E-Reader


Acer is set to expand into both the apps and e-book markets in the first half of this year it has been announced. The world’s second- largest computer vendor told the world’s press today that their applications store will offer “hundreds” of apps, “otherwise you can’t call it an apps store”, while their e-book reader will feature a 6-inch monochrome screen.

Acer are looking to expand their business after a bump in popularity over the past few years. reports that Acer will enter markets dominated by Apple and Amazon in offering downloadable software and e-book readers by June and Jim Wong, president of IT products division of Acer believes these moves will help the company boost its net income margin to 3% within two years, Wong said.

The applications store will be unveiled around the middle of the year with software to support Google’s Android platform, currently used on Acer’s netbooks and smartphones, as well as Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Mobile systems, while Google Chrome software will be added later, Wong said.

Then, by the end of June, Acer will announce its first electronic book reader with the aforementioned monochrome screen, with it being distributed initially in up to five European countries (no word on whether Ireland is one of those countries as yet though), Wong said. The device would compete with Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Sony Reader.

Unsurprisingly, given Apple’s upcoming tablet announcement, Acer are also looking into creating a tablet of their own as well.


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