BBC to Move Back into Games


It seems that the BBC is to make something of a return to its past glory by putting out games of some of its better known properties, including Doctor Who, Top Gear and In the Night Garden.

Iggle Piggle is, essentially, a blue Orpheus. The blanket is his lyre 😦

Word comes via MCV of the fairly interesting development, which would see the BBC getting back into games in a big way. It’s a curious move, but it won’t involve any massive changes to the BBC, since the company likely won’t be developing or publishing its own games content. Instead, the corporation is actively seeking developers and publishers to handle the development and release of games based on its properties.

If nothing else, it’ll be welcome news to those fans of the BBC’s various different intellectual properties that also enjoy gaming, and it seems particularly likely that series like Doctor Who could well see tremendous success as games, if only because its fan base seems broad enough to hit just about every demographic.

Similarly, shows like In The Night Garden will likely do very well if only due to the fact that, let’s face it, children love both Iggle Piggle and anything with Nintendo compatibility. Indeed, an In The Night Garden videogame makes sense on a lot of levels, though just how it’ll manage to communicate the same near-comatose soporific effect while retaining the overwhelming horror of the Stygian horror that is Iggle Piggle’s life and nightly retreats into a fantasy world remains to be seen.

In The Night Garden aside, we’ll be curious to see just how well the BBC capitalises on its return to the videogame industry, especially considering the fact that it’s also given the casual games market a nod with the word that it’s also to undertake both iPhone/iPod Touch apps and Facebook-based games…


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