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We’re often asked what display we’d recommend for people looking for a monitor for around a certain price. It’s a relatively easy one to do, but given the sheer number of inquiries we get, we thought some of you might appreciate a blog post that outlines some of the monitors that we really like and think offer excellent value for money at their prices.

We’re going to recommend entry-level monitor, two mid-range and one relatively high-end display. It’s relatively simple, so we’ll get straight into it.

Entry Level:

Whenever someone asks us to recommend a monitor that comes in at as low a price as possible but that they can still rely on to give them a good image reliable, we always recommend the Acer 18.5” LCD.

Click through to see our page for Acer's 18.5-inch LCD 🙂

Considering its genuinely surprisingly low price, it’s a very solid device indeed. At 18.5” and such a low price, it’s not going to be too surprising that it doesn’t quite manage Full HD, but it does boast a maximum output resolution of 1366×768, which isn’t something to turn your nose up at. Moreover, as the name implies, it is a widescreen display, so it’s still an excellent one to plug into a notebook if you’re one for watching movies directly from machines with a smaller screen.

Of course, the one downside is that it only takes VGA as input, so that could well limit your options a little. Still, it’s not too hard to pick up an Xbox 360 to VGA adaptor, and considering the fact that the combination of an adaptor and this display will set you back relatively little, it’s an excellent way to free up the living room TV if you’re living in a house with any avid console gamers. It’s also got a response time of 5ms, which should be plenty fast enough for most gamers.

Acer’s 18.5” Wide display is only €108.55, which has inspired at least one of our readers to pick up no fewer than four of them; it’s an impressive array, though what he thinks to do with four displays I can’t imagine. I’m sure one is permanently sitting on Facebook by now…


If someone comes to us looking for something a little bigger then things get a little more interesting. Because you’re in it for value for money, there are a few different things you could be on the lookout for… one of those is the way the monitor itself looks physically.

Click through to see our page for the Samsung LCD 🙂

If you’re going to be keeping a nice display like this in the living room, a room that likely sees a reasonable amount of traffic and where you’ll want to keep everything looking well, then we’d recommend Samsung’s Syncmaster P2370. Everything else aside, the case looks gorgeous, which means that your machine won’t be sitting around uglying up the place.

Moreover, it’s an excellent display in its own right, at 23” and offering a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a response time of 2ms, which should see even the most demanding fairly well looked after. It’s also nice to be able to say that the customer review left on the Syncmaster P2370 is entirely positive, saying that,

“This monitor is really slim and contrast ratio is amazing. I play games with 1080p resolution and it looks really good. “

Samsung’s 23” Syncmaster P2370 is around €185, which isn’t bad at all, but it does have one flaw… it only offers DVI. If you’re looking for something with a HDMI in then you’ll have to spend just a touch more…

Our recommendation for a mid-range display that boasts a HDMI input is IIyama’s 22” widescreen ProLite E2209HDS-B1. It may not be quite as elegant as the glossy Samsung’s when it comes to the case, but it’s still an excellent looking device in its own right.

Click through to see our page for the IIyama 22-inch LCD 🙂

Similarly to the Samsung, it boasts a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 and a response time of 2ms, but it also boasts a HDMI port, which means that it’s effectively ready to be plugged straight into either an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3. Moreover, because its resolution pushes it into the “FullHD” category, you can rely on it to play content from your games console at the intended resolution without any fudging, which is always nice.

IIyama’s 22” ProLite E2209HDS-B1 is just €12 more than the Samsung at €197.18, which isn’t too much if the HDMI port is a dealbreaker.


When it comes to high-end monitors, most will usually know exactly what they’re looking for, but I asked Ryan for a pick-of-the-litter when it comes to very high end displays… it’s expensive, but it’s also gorgeous.

Click through to see our page LG's 30-inch monster of an LCD 😉

LG’s W3000H-BN is a 30” LCD, boasting a 3000:1 contrast ratio and a response time of 5ms. It’s got excellent colour reproduction and boasts a single DVI port. It’s also just a different when it comes to aspect, weighing in at 16:10. Moreover, it also boasts four USB ports, which is always nice… if you’re anything like us then more USB ports will always get used at some stage.

Of course, where it really manages to excel is in its resolution, which tips the scales at an altogether very healthy 2560×1600, which should be more than enough for most.

As we said before, most people looking to spend this much on a display will already have some idea of what they’re looking for, but that 30-inch display is something else.

LG’s 30” widescreen LCD will set you back a pretty penny at €1,094.48, but if you’re after a really massive display then you’ll probably already be familiar with the way price steps up around the 30” mark.

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3 Responses to “Komplett Recommends – Monitors”

  1. Fin Says:

    One thing I’d like to see when listing specs for monitors is whether or not they are VESA compliant to connect them to desk or wall mounts.

    I have a dual monitor desk mount – basically you remove the monitor stands and screw the monitor onto the mount – but its not always apparent if the monitors actually have the screw holes on the back.

    Most of the nice Samsungs don’t seem to have this, but you would never know it from looking at the Komplett website…………just a suggestion.

  2. Joe Murphy Says:

    I don’t have a tv, just a good laptop with a 15 inch screen. I’d love a bigger screen to watch downloaded television or DVDs on.

    Is there any reason I should get a tv rather than a monitor? Particularly one of those high end monitors?

  3. Nollog Says:

    Fin: I agree, the dealbreaker for me on that samsung was the lack of vesa.
    ( confirmed here http://www.trustedreviews.com/monitors/review/2009/05/05/Samsung-EcoFit-SyncMaster-P2370/p1 )
    The IIyama has 100mm vesa, slightly better brightness, and some speakers too. You lose an inch on the samsung, and the contrast isn’t as good.

    Joe: The TV tuner is all the TV has over a monitor, not a problem in your case as you wouldn’t use one, but if you did you could get a usb dongle for your laptop.

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