Special Offers – Week of January 25th


Good afternoon all, hopefully everyone’s managing the return from the weekend at least reasonably well. For those who aren’t long-time readers, we generally do a post about what we have on special offer on a Monday afternoon, with the intention of having it up on the blog as early in the week as possible… it gives you guys as much of a chance to have a bit of a think about whether or not you’d really like something before it goes out of our Special Offers next Sunday.

This week, we’ve got some nice bits and pieces on offer, so we’ll get straight into them.

Netgear Stora:

Netgear’s Stora is a network attached storage (NAS) setup, for those of you who don’t know what a NAS is, don’t worry, it’s not complicated, and it’s unusually useful.

Click through to check out our page for Netgear's 1TB Stora 🙂

Essentially, a NAS box is a device that houses some storage and sits attached to your network so that the volume is accessible to all of the machines connected. It’s a relatively simple concept, but it tends to be one of those things that a lot of users simply haven’t encountered. Netgear’s Stora boasts a 1TB drive, with space for another 1TB drive if you feel the need to expand it.

For those who haven’t used a NAS before, it’s an ideal way to keep media (whether music or movies) on a centralised drive that’s accessible to every machine on your network. Moreover, as long as you’re not too fussed about having all of your media accessible when you’re out and about, it’s also an excellent way to keep your PCs’ drives free of clutter.

Thanks to the fact that the drive is easily accessible via your local network, you’ll also be able to run backups of your notebook via your wireless network (software permitting), which is probably the closest you’ll get to a totally hassle-free backup experience.

You can also use the option to add another drive to the mix to make your backup that bit more reliable. Since the Stora offers RAID1 support directly, you can generally rely on your backup (or whatever you care to store on it) to be very well looked after indeed, unless there’s some totally catastrophic failure… or a fire.

Netgear’s Stora is down to €164.32 this week, with a 1TB hard drive already in there.

If you’d like to throw in an extra 1TB hard disk, then you could always pick up Samsung’s SpinPoint F3, which will set you back around €77.

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500:

Logitech’s Cordless Desktop is an all-in-one wireless keyboard and mouse arrangement that manages to look and perform well without cluttering up a desk with, let’s face it, needless cabling.

Click through to see our page for the Logitech Cordless Desktop 🙂

The keyboard is solid, boasting a built-in LCD for those who absolutely must be kept up to date on either the exact time or what song you’re currently listening to without moving windows around. The screen also keeps track of the total amount you’ve typed, theoretically forever, as long as you’re careful to always keep one battery in when you’re changing them out. It also boasts a fairly sturdy wrist-rest, which should see those of us who don’t type like pianists quite pleased.

Aside from that, the mouse included is Logitech’s MX Revolution, which is an interesting device in its own right. The scroll wheel offers both the usual clicky movement that we’ll all be familiar with, and a free-wheeling option that users can flick the wheel to engage. It’s a sensitive mouse that should fit most average-sized hands very well indeed.

Logitech’s Cordless Desktop MX5500 is down by a little over 10% this week to €119.51.

Amethyst iPig Dock:

Amethyst’s iPig is something that we saw an awful lot of interest in when we first introduced them in the run up to Christmas, but that interest hasn’t really fallen off.

Click through to see our page for the iPig iPod dock 🙂

The iPig, as well the name suggests, is a docking station for Apple’s iPod range that’s shaped like a cheerful, smiling pig. In simplest terms, the iPig is a pig-shaped iPod dock that boasts five speakers and manages some pretty solid sound.

Moreover, the Shrek-styled ears are touch-sensitive volume controls, and his mouth lights up to let you know it’s been turned on. All in all, it manages to communicate just enough piggy-charm that we have a soft spot for the iPig. Simple things please simple minds, I suppose.

This week, the Amethyst iPig is down by 20% to €54.78.

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