Analysts Predict Android Surge


It seems that Google’s mobile operating system, the much vaunted Android, is set to see a tremendous amount of growth in the coming years, with analysts predicting that it will outpace its competitors.

The only thing the little guy is missing is a name... I like to think of him as Android Dave 😉

Indeed, according to a Cnet report, it seems that Google’s Android is currently bringing up the rear a little, when it comes to the mobile OS market, at least. Interestingly enough, it seems that there’s still plenty of love out there for RIM and its BlackBerry line, which currently holds the number two spot, while Apple’s iPhone OS rests at number three.

Strangely enough, the current leader in the mobile OS market is the Java-based Symbian, perhaps most widely used by Nokia. While Nokia has, fairly famously, had a lot of trouble holding its head above water, its Symbian-powered devices still do very well indeed just about everywhere except for the US, where Nokia never really seems to have gained a foothold.

Now though, there’s been a fairly substantial shift in favour of Android-based devices, with many smartphone manufacturers opting to run with Google’s mobile OS. Indeed, it’s the recent upswing in the number of Android-powered handsets that’s led to a greater marketshare for the OS.

Of course, all of this could well be shaken up later this year when Microsoft launches Windows Mobile 7, which has seen a number of rumours and official releases line up, quite neatly positioning Microsoft’s Mobile OS as something a little closer to its desktop one (in terms of brand, if nothing else). Moreover, it’ll likely see integration of the company’s Zune services as well, to say nothing of the already confirmed tie-in with the apparently ubiquitous Xbox Live…

For now, our biggest issue with Android is that the platform’s app store doesn’t offer for-pay apps in Ireland, limiting the number of apps available.

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