Avatar Officially Defeats Titanic


After some fairly dubious initial reviews about its storyline, it seems that James Cameron’s Avatar has finally unseated Titanic as the biggest blockbuster of all time.

The film has long been expected to pass the previous record holder, Cameron’s own Titanic, out in terms of pure ticket sales and has just generally being touted as the biggest movie ever, in case anyone hadn’t quite gotten the point yet. It’s also very interesting to note that it seems to be the fact that the film is one of the first truly major releases to boast 3D, an option that it seems the vast majority of those who have gone to see it have taken advantage of.

Indeed, according to TechRadar, it seems that fully 70% of those who have gone to see the movie have managed to do so in 3D, which is particularly impressive, given the fact that 3D showings are both a little more limited and rely on the audience’s willingness to don a set of polarised glasses. If nothing else, it’s certainly impressive to see a film that so many had dismissed as nothing more than a gimmick (and many had considered the biggest mistake of Cameron’s career) doing so well.

Aside from everything else, it’ll be interesting to see just how well Avatar does on DVD. While it’s entirely possible that we’ll see plenty of people straight up forget that the reason they enjoyed Avatar so much when they went to see it was because they saw it in 3D, it seems far more likely that Avatar’s DVD and Blu-Ray sales won’t quite stack up to its cinema success…

Still, Sony has been touting 2010 as the year for 3DTV, and a 3D Blu-Ray release of what is now the biggest blockbuster of all time would likely do an awful lot to help push that out…


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