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Whether it was a sudden surge of creativity or a tactical carpet bombing of the mini-notebook market, 2008 was a year full of new releases for Asus. That March they released the EeePC 700 before the 900 model came along two months later. Then, the Asus EeePC901 followed in July before the 1000 series began to take hold, with one its core releases being the September unveiling of the 1000HD.

The Asus Eee PC 1000HD was released to solid reviews and is still a great buy at under €250.

Indeed, the seemingly endless stream of Eee PC models have been a consumer favourite ever since they hit the market, with the overall range selling around five million units by the end of 2008 and, in keeping with this, the 1000HD certainly had high expectations from reviewers upon it’s release.

If you’re wondering what all the ‘Es’ stand for by the way and quite possibly find yourself humming ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ while you do so, well they stand for ‘Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play’ and even a cursory look through some of the reviews online for the Eee PC 1000HD (and its brothers in arms in the 1000 series such as the 1000, 1000H, 1001HA and 1005HA) will reveal that the 1000 range lives up to all three maxims.

Richard West of the Shamen, possibly pictured while disgusted that ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ wasn’t used for yet another Eee PC launch…

To give you the brief run down, it’s probably best to start with the very thorough Associated Content review that notes the 10-inch LCD screen (which is standard in the 1000 line) is present and correct, while there’s 2.5 inch standard notebook hard drive. “Although the notebook has a 10-inch display the resolution is 1024 x 600 same as 8.9 inch models. The standard 2.5 inch notebook drive located in an easy to reach place. You can easily upgrade your hard drive if you like,” notes the snappily titled reviewer G-Man.

Mr Man notes that the 1000 series benefits in general when compared to the previous Eee PCs in that it has a larger keyboard than older models, while the microphone, named Digital Array Mic is the same as models in the 900 series.

There’s a 6600mAh battery, with reports on the battery life varying – from what we’ve read anyway – between three to four hours on standard usage, then again what people term ‘standard usage’ can of course vary from person to person, profession to profession and wastrel to wastrel. Splitting the difference at three and half hours this isn’t exactly something to be sniffed at for a mini-notebook.

“Where it gets different (to previous models) is in the system specs – the 1000HD has an 80GB hard drive and runs a Celeron M353 (microprocessor) off a six-cell battery. The hard drive provides extra capacity over other models,” noted Bit-Tech, adding, “it also comes with up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM if you want.”

Cnet’s review meanwhile honed in on the touches that elevate this model from the original 1000. “If you love the size and ample screen of the Eee PC 1000 Netbook series but want to retain a little old-school charm in your devices, the Eee PC 1000HD could be for you. Who needs SSD anyway? An 80GB SATA hard disk has much larger storage and gives added heft for security.”

Asus expanded their battery life options with the 1000 Series. Pictured is a lemon battery which, frankly, would be useless for any notebook.

Our favourite review though came in the frankly chaotic guise of Factoidz’s run down of the merits of the 1000HD which, while doing somersaults over the price, added: “For durability, the Asus Eee PC mini notebook computer cannot be outdone. Right off of the bat, I dropped the computer onto the asphalt from the hood of my car. It was scratched but otherwise ok.” Now, if that’s not a recommendation we don’t know what is, a mini-notebook for the ridiculously clumsy will have many takers.

To be fair, the Factoidz write up does offer some insight, with writer Gayle Crabtree (pegged on the site as a non-profit director & freelance writer), speaking to the everyday user by noting how, for her needs, “the power of the Asus Eee PC is excellent. I use it for a weekly show on Blog Talk Radio. In addition to multiple browsers, a chat room and switchboard I also will have Skype open”.

The Factoidz, Bit-Tech and Cnet reviews do all note that this is in no way a machine for gamers – though as a few point out why would you really want to play any decent game on a 10-inch screen. However, for the price it comes at, for the size of keyboard you’re getting and for the specs involved this is a seriously good buy.

What Have You Got?

(Note, stats correct for Eee PC 1000HD, spec varies in the range.)

  • 900 MHz Intel Celeron M-processor 353
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 160 GB hard disk
  • Integrated 1.3 Megapixel webcam
  • 3-in-1 card reader
  • WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n connectivity
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

Komplett Price: €239.01

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3 Responses to “Review of the Reviews: Asus Eee PC 1000HD”

  1. Gayle Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my Asus review on Factoidz. Your article is accurate and impressively thorough! This powerful machine packs enough punch for most non-game applications. With the low price point it’s hard to go wrong with this gem.

  2. jjkomplett Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the piece Gayle – hope the Eee PC hasn’t suffered any more accidents since you picked it up!

  3. Hand Car Wash Says:

    the good thing about notebook computers is that they are not very heavy but they have small screens ‘:’

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