AMD Release Held Back


AMD had a pretty poor start to the week as news filtered out over why the expected release of their ATI Radeon HD 5830-based reference boards failed to take place as planned on Monday. Apparently the folks in charge decided to recall the affected boards for further testing after a “last minute issue” cropped up during the validation process. The issue in question is reported to be related to circuits on the board which are triggering an error on card makers’ software testing platforms.

With video card competition growing, AMD didn’t need this headache with the HD 5830.

Slashgear make the point that with “video card competition is hotting up right now” the last thing a company wants is unexpected problems with their new product. AMD, “declined to comment on the recall rumors” and indeed claimed the Radeon HD 5830 is undergoing the regular batch of testing any graphics chipset would go through.

The company did insist though that no AMD GPU on the market was affected by any problems.  Video card manufacturers are apparently estimating that it’ll be mid-February (though Fudzilla are guessing 5 February) at the earliest for the HD 5830 to make it to market but will anybody trust it once it’s there?

Price-wise, US-based Fudzilla said, “No information is available in the way of specs other than the fact that it will carry GDDR5 memory and is expected to perform similarly to the older Radeon HD 4890. There is also a debate on how much the beast will cost when it hits the shops, $199 (€141) to match the aforementioned 4890 has been mentioned and $239 (€170).”


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