New Super Mario Wii Sales Hit 10.5 Million


There really is no stopping that mustachioed Italian plumber is there?  With the exception of the woeful film version starring Bob Hoskins, anything Nintendo has plastered Super Mario’s grinning face over has usually turned out to be spectacularly successful and new figures show that New Super Mario Bros for the Wii has reached 10 and half million sales worldwide.

Nobody’s perfect.

According to industry figures offered up by Japanese research specialist Enterbrain, the Wii iteration of New Super Mario Bros has sold this staggering figure around the world since its retail arrival in mid-November last.

In terms of regional breakdown, the game has sold more than 4.5 million units across North America, and three million units each in both Europe and Japan, showing that consumers still value classic titles.

The TechHerald reports that “Other accolades secured by New Super Mario Bros Wii include it surpassing Super Mario Galaxy as the current best-selling game exclusive to the Wii, and earning the ELSPA’s Double Platinum sales award in the UK. It has also entered the record books as the fastest-selling Wii game in Japan thanks to opening-week sales of more than 930,000 units.”


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