PlayStation 3 Hack Released


It seems that the recently revealed hack for Sony’s PlayStation 3 has now been released to the web at large through the medium of the hacker, George “Geohot” Hotz’, blog.

With many questioning the veracity of Hotz’ claim that he had managed to hack the PlayStation 3, or simply to what extent that hack might be useful, it seems that the most sensible move would be to simply release the hack into the wild and see just what the community at large can do with it. Still, it’s well worth keeping in mind that this is the same man who originally managed to hack the iPhone.

Perhaps the most detailed (without being so complex as to be practically incomprehensible) writeup on the first exploit to hit the PS3 has come from, which quickly points out that,

“… despite the level of publicity, it remains unclear what the ramifications of the hack actually are: whether homebrew coding can actually be enabled, whether the deliberately hobbled implementation of Linux can be improved and – crucially – whether Hotz’s work will open the door to piracy. It is interesting to note that despite many claims, right now there has been no ‘hello world’ homebrew code executed that typically demonstrates that the hacker actually has full control over the system.”

Regardless of just how it works out, it seems that the vast majority of the interest in the hack hasn’t really been an interest in running homebrew code, but in running pirated copies of official code, which tends to be the direction that hacks like this go in.

Still, it seems likely that, if anything is ever to come of this hack, this wide-scale release of it is likely to precipitate it.


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