Belkin Jump on iPad Bandwagon


The quick off the mark award for today goes to Belkin, as its new line of sleeves for the iPad was launched this morning. We’ve got the Vue, Max, and Grip designs to choose from as we all decide how to keep that shiny new iPad safe and sound.

One of the new Belkin sleeves on offer, the Vue.

The media blurb tells how “These 10-inch sleeves are designed with reinforced panels to fully protect your device’s touch screen from scratches, while still offering storage for other media devices such as an iPhone, media reader, or earbuds”.

SlashGear tells how the Vue is transparent, has an expandable pocket for other gear and accessories, and will sell for $39.99 (€28.60). The Max has a pleated design and will also hold other gear and collapses flat when not in use. It will sell for $39.99 as well. The Grip sleeve will sell for $29.99 (€21) and has a surface that increases grip to help prevent drops while on the go.

In one nifty little move, the silicone of the sleeve is etched with graphics and all three sleeves come in black or plum colors. Not ones to rest on their laurels, Belkin will also be offering a screen overlay to protect from scratches for $19.99 (just over €14).


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