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After all the build up, all the weeks of waiting Apple played things out in their usual style. Steve Jobs, a mic, a chair, a new product. It’s earned them billions so far so you can see why it would get good feedback but if all of the above was familiar about the launch of the iPad yesterday, the other familiar thing was tech experts saying that they might just waiting for the second version of the product before investing.

There's been a mixed response to the iPad today.

The main gripe thus far is that while it seems to do everything (anything your laptop or almost anything your smartphone can do is pretty much covered), it can only do anything once at a time with no real chance of multitasking. The lack of an SD card slot is also highlighted by several outlets.

As TrechCrunch put it, “The thing is beautiful and fast. Really fast. If you’ll excuse my hyperbole, it felt like I was holding the future. But is it a must-have? That’s a complicated question.” Beautiful it certainly is though, and along with a big screen (with a resolution is 1024×768 the iPhone/iPod is 480×320), it’s sporting a 1-Ghz custom Apple chip.

Meanwhile, one Crunchgear expert sums up the frustrations of many by saying, “It looks really cool, aesthetically, but the battery life and screen can’t replace my Kindle, the lack of USB ports and expandable storage can’t replace my netbook, and I already have an iPhone 3GS. So it’d basically be $500+ for a bigger screen, a slightly faster CPU, and an external keyboard that I’d never carry around with me. I might buy one in a year or two once they’ve gone through a couple revisions.”

Half an inch thick and weighing 1.5 pounds, the device will vividly display books, newspapers, websites and videos on a 9.7-inch glass touch screen. Giving media companies another way to sell content it may even herald a new era for publishing.

Said a lukewarm instant NY Times review, “The iPad, costing $499 to $829, also lacks some features common in laptops and phones, as technology enthusiasts were quick to point out. To its instant critics, it was little more than an oversize iPod Touch. A camera is notably absent, and Flash, the ubiquitous software that handles video and animation on the Web, does not work on the device.”

The Guardian has a review up too and they begin on a positive note, saying that “it’s hefty but not heavy, feeling solid and responsive in the hand. The screen is about the size of a large paperback, but it’s just half an inch deep”.

The e-book market, which in time the iPad may well blow to smithereens (sample NY Times headline: ‘Why the iPad will Kill the Kindle’), the players in that particular market seems to be safe for the moment, as the Guardian report also notes, “Switched into ebook mode, the way the iPad emulates the printed page feels fairly natural, if not entirely on a par with rival ebook readers such as Amazon’s Kindle. The backlit screen doesn’t come anywhere near the clarity of electronic ink, which means it’s going to prove a lot harder on the eyes of bookworms.”

Scanning across the web one thing seems fairly obvious – the major news corporations are assuming this will be big, iPhone big. Elsewhere, many are still waiting to be convinced. But yes, you guessed it, we can’t wait to get our hands on one.


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8 Responses to “iPad Reaction”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Nothing special, but not disappointing, its a solid device but lacks a couple of features that would make it a must have. Flash, Vid-con, background IM, otherwise everything is covered.

    iBookstore will also only be US in the beginning.

    The waiting for the second generation begins…

  2. jjkomplett Says:

    I think the underwhelming feeling that some are experiencing is because it simply lived up to expectations rather than surpassing them. ipad 2.0 we await your arrival

  3. Niall Murphy Says:

    The thing about the iPad is that the likes of Flash, and multi-tasking that it is being put down because of are fixable in a firmware upgrade down the road.

    The bigger concerns are on the hardware side. The lack of a camera is major.

    • Wizartar Says:

      I can’t see Flash happening any time soon, its a backdoor to free apps on the iPad without going through the App Store. Web 2.0 like Wave is going to change the game when it becomes more populare to write full scale apps in Java Script, which will start becoming more common in the not so distant future.

  4. jjkomplett Says:

    This may be to do with the fact that I tend to drink in oul fellas pubs but I’m going to say it… do we really need a camera in everything??

    I know they’ll rectify it but some reports are banging on about the lack of a camera as if apple slapped their mother on stage last night.

    • Wizartar Says:

      Simple Video conferencing for mom & pop is what should have been included in the iPad. It’s the next level in communication. Good video conferencing is going to be the next killer app on the internets, like live streaming, which is picking up popularity as it’s truely interactive.

  5. sarah Says:

    can anyone please tell me if the i-pad works in ireland

  6. Kindle Touch Says:

    Kindle Touch…

    […]iPad Reaction « Komplett Ireland[…]…

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