Cheer up all – Two Days Off


Good afternoon all, hopefully this week hasn’t been too crushing for the rest of you, as it’s been quite nice to us. It’s been a long week, and indeed, a long January, but that seems to be the way with Winter months. Hopefully February will move along a little more quickly.

Anyway, as with every other Friday, we just wanted to do up a quick post with some of the various bits and pieces we’ve found across the web that have gotten at least a smile and often a bit of a giggle from us. This simple Korean comic is among the best things to have hit my inbox this week, and I thought that it might be something you’d all enjoy.

Aside from that, there was this absolute gem that we caught floating around on Twitter last weekend that earned itself an immediate import into my “Save for Friday blog post” folder.

What a charmer 🙂

Finally, we leave you with perhaps the single most confusing game trailer I’ve ever seen. One lie of text simultaneously tells you absolutely everything you need to know and leaves us hungry for more detail. Apparently,

“The football player has stolen your protein powder! Strike the wall-smashing pose of the builder in front of you to chase him down.”

The trailer does it a lot more justice than simple text ever could though, so you’re far better off checking out the video below for a better idea of what we’re thinking could well be 2010’s game of the year.

Anyway, that’s it from us here on the blog for today, hopefully you guys have enjoyed our output over the course of the last few days. I have to thank JJ (who sits behind me in our Dublin office) for taking over the blog and Twitter account while I was out sick earlier in the week, and thanks to everyone for being kind to him 🙂

Normally, I only post one video every week, but this week I happened upon a second one. Be warned, it’s all pretty home-made plastecine, but this one manages to contain detailed enough guts for us to think it needed a bit of a warning. Don’t proceed unless you’re of stern constitution…

Have a great weekend guys 🙂


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