Ireland – The Slow Internet Kings


In news that will surprise around about no one, be they from Cow’s Lane or Cavan, Ranelagh or Roosky, our dear nation has the unfortunate honour of having the highest percentage of slow internet connections in Europe at 3.4pc. We’re still good at something eh. Coupled with this figure came the news – via a study by web traffic management company Akami – that we have the fourth lowest percentage of fast connections over 5mbits in Europe at 9.4%

All he wanted was to download a few podcasts… not in this here country.

In like a shot, broadband lobby group IrelandOffline said the results were “utterly unsurprising” given the “sheer number of dial-up and midband 3G mobile connections” in Ireland. The group’s chairman, Eamonn Wallace, “The leading countries in this survey all have wide scale fibre deployed to the home, today. Irish people are more likely to be looking for that mystical blue light on their 3G dongles while up in the attic getting that urgent email out before they go to bed.

“The second tier countries with 20% of their population already on fast 5mbit+ connections all have plans to install fibre. Ireland cannot be accused of policy failure because we simply do not have a policy. It would be fairer to say we have a policy vacuum.”

IrelandOffline’s tone tends to vary between angry and annoyed – which in fairness, is usually justified – and Wallace’s statement this time around continued in this vein. “Furthermore,” he added,” there has been no improvement in our relative and absolute connection speeds since the previous (Akami) quarterly survey were released.

“While we welcome the recent announcements of faster products from UPC and Eircom these will have no effect on the speeds experienced across 80% of the state where ADSL2 and Fast Cable Broadband are simply not available and shall not be available. Sadly there are no major plans to improve the deployment of fast 5mbit+ products beyond a few selected urban areas during 2010.”

We’d say watch this space but the way things move around this country the next you’ll hear of this will be after another damning Akami report in around three months time.


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2 Responses to “Ireland – The Slow Internet Kings”

  1. Tacitus Says:

    “Knowledge Economy” my arse.

  2. Nollog Says:

    In my town there’s a fibre cable down with 3+ years and nobody is providing anything down it.

    What a waste of money and a possible customer base.

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