Motorola to Build Google’s Nexus Two?


Word is creeping out that Motorola could well be building the next phone to be sold directly through Google, without any intervention from network carriers.

HTC's effort looks well, we'll be interested to see Motorola's offering.

If the word from TechRadar is right, then signs are pointing towards Motorola as the second company to have build a smartphone for sale directly through Google. Just what we can expect from this device has yet to be seen or even really hinted at, though it would make a lot of sense for it to be running Google’s mobile operating system, Android.

For many, the big question will be just what shape we can expect it to take physically. Motorolla’s Droid has been both praised and maligned for its physical keyboard, which it seems users either love or simply don’t use. Rumour has it that, whatever it ends up being, we’ll see it in the fourth quarter of this year. We’re similarly curious to see what kind of hardware is in the guts of the machine though.

In an ideal world, it’d run on something similar to HTC’s Nexus One, if only to prevent the device being hopelessly outclassed in terms of its innards. In that case, we might reasonably expect for Motorola’s device to boast one of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1GHz processors, though for now it’s all purest speculation.

We’ll also be curious to see if this move spurs more phone manufacturers to offer their smartphones directly through Google, potentially turning the search giant into something of a network-free phone market (or at least, network free with a T-Mobile option for those who don’t mind the lock-in).

Of course, there’s also the fact that the Nexus One hasn’t performed quite as well as many had hoped to contend with; managing to shift a fairly meagre estimate of 20,000 units in its first week doesn’t exactly make it the device to beat in terms of early adoption.


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