Samsung Predicts Big Year in 3DTV


Samsung isn’t holding back this year, with the company announcing to investors this morning that 3DTV sales are going to ‘explode’ in 2010. Some may be skeptical that we’ll all be sitting in our living rooms wearing those Blues Brothers-esque glasses in the near future but Sueohk Shim, vice president of Samsung’s visual display business is pretty sure she knows what he’s talking about.

3DTV may have its doubters but Samsung seem confident there’s a market there already.

“We expect demand for 3D TVs to grow explosively,” she said, adding that Samsung expects to sell two million 3D TVs this year. report that the electronics giant expects demand for flat panel TVs and other products to soar this year as the world – hopefully – recovers from the recession. “A lack of new investment during the downturn will also put a cap on production of most products, except LCD screens, keeping prices firm. The company sees a possible downturn in the LCD screen market in the second half of this year as new factories come on line globally, a boon to consumers who may see more LCD TV bargains late this year as a result,” the report says.

Samsung can speak with some confidence of course as despite the world and its mother counting their pennies during 2009, Samsung was able to achieve record revenues and strong profitability, that’s according to Robert Yi, the company’s head of investor relations.

Elsewhere, Friday’s meeting with investors told how in its semiconductor business, Samsung believes strong worldwide sales of PCs will drive chip revenues 10% to 20% higher this year and that prices of DRAM and NAND will remain strong. The company also noted that PC vendors may start to reduce the amount of DRAM they put in PCs due to higher prices, a warning consumers should beware of because memory chips play a role in the speed of a system.

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One Response to “Samsung Predicts Big Year in 3DTV”

  1. 3D TV Blog Says:

    Everyone is saying that this is the big year for 3D televisions. I believe that Avatar is really the catalyst. Many of the studios want their movies to do as well as Avatar did in 3D.

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