Big in Japan Only – Xbox 360 250GB Add-on


Maybe Microsoft aren’t aware how many Xbox junkies there are around this part of the world as, for now anyway, they have announced that a new 250GB hard drive add-on which they have developed for the Xbox 360 will only be available as a stand-alone product in Japan for the foreseeable future. Kei Iwasaki, a Microsoft spokesman in Tokyo, says that the company has no plans to send the HDD across the globe.

The 250GB HDD Xbox add-on would find more than a few fans if it ever makes its way to Ireland.

Currently being offered in the Land of the Rising Sun and in some other foreign territories as part of a bundle with a new console,  the add-on will reach Japanese consumers  as an individual product in the middle of next month. More than doubling the storage capacity of the Xbox 360 Elite (which stands at 120GB), there’s plenty of Xbox addicts worldwide who would love to get their hands on this if possible.

As a PC World report noted today, “Local storage on the console is becoming more important to Microsoft as it attempts to expand its online store and generate additional revenue from entertainment content. Throughout 2009 the company continued to attract users to its Xbox Live service and ended the year with 29 million users, up 35% from the last day of 2008.”

Barring any unscrupulous moves by the retail powers that be, the unit should come at a cost of around €124 if it ever makes it to Irish shores.


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