iPad to Hit Ireland in March


Apple’s iPad has been given something of a more solid release date for both the UK and Ireland, and it must be said that it’s a little ahead of Steve Jobs estimated June/July timeframe.

iPad, youPad, hePads, shePads, wePad, you(plural)Pad, theyPad 🙂

Indeed, Apple has updated it’s store page for those looking to pick up the touch-screen device, confirming pre-announcement rumours that Apple would start shipping the device in March. Of course, when those rumours first hit there was no indication yet that we’d see two different flavours of the device (one 3G capable and the other not). The update to Apple’s page simply reads,

“Wi-Fi models shipping in late March.
3G models shippin in April.
Local pricing to be announced.”

We’ll be curious to see just how much the device will set Irish customers back, but fingers crossed we won’t see the return of the alchemical €1 = $1 that we’ve seen so often in the past. Still, that seems to be a fairly pronounced fear.

There’s been plenty of speculation for now on just what network will be carrying the 3G version, and how much the combination of the iPad and 3G connectivity will set Irish folks (and indeed, anyone in any region) back. For now though, it all seems to be up in the air, with O2 and Orange rumoured to be scrabbling for the Micro-SIM cards the iPad takes in the UK. We’d imagine that, given Apple’s previous attachment to O2, we’ll see that connection reaffirmed here, at least.

Still, many will be pleased just to see that the device is to launch here relatively soon… it seems to have had a fairly strong polarising effect, with some desperate to get their hands on the device, while others seem to regard it with a kind of frank distaste. Each to their own, I suppose.


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