Special Offers – Week of February 1st


Good afternoon all, hopefully the return to work from the weekend hasn’t been too hard on you. Things are going quite well here, even the weather seems to have cheered up a little. Anyway, every Monday afternoon we post a list of our special offers for the week. It means you guys have as long as possible to check things out before deciding if you’d like to pick them up while they’re at a reduced price.

Anyway, this week we’ve got a few really nice bits and pieces on offer, including Intel’s X25 SSD, Belkin’s Gigabit Powerline HD starter kit, a Radeon 5670 and a Pioneer surround setup.

Intel X25:

For a very long time indeed, the SSD was a very expensive option indeed, but Intel has attempted to remedy that, offering solid-state storage on a wider scale for less-than-bankrupting sums… which is always nice.

Click through to see our page for Intel's X25 80GB SSD 🙂

Intel’s X25 is, in case anyone missed it, a solid-state drive. As with the vast majority of SSDs, it’s a 2.5-inch drive, so it should fit into a laptop without any real bother. Moreover, because it’s solid-state you’ll see faster read and write speeds than most standard hard-drives, which should mean a quicker boot… which is always nice. Your data will also be that bit more secure when it comes to the drive being knocked around a little in transit, thanks to the fact that the drive has no moving parts.

All in all, it’s a solid drive, and one that we’re genuinely pleased to be able to have on offer, because it’s attracted an awful lot of attention over the last couple of months.

Intel’s X25 80GB SSD is down to €199 this week, which isn’t bad at all when you consider the upsides of a nice SSD.

Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD:

Belkin’s Gigabit Powerline HD is a relatively simple piece of kit; it essentially enables IP over power, allowing you to plug one end into the electrical outlet downstairs and the other into an electrical outlet by your PC upstairs and on the opposite side of the house and get a solid connection.

Click through to see our page for the Belkin Powerline HD 🙂

Belkin’s Gigabit Powerline arrangement is ideal for users who are having trouble getting a solid, reliable wireless signal across the length of their house. The whole arrangement is relatively simple, and boasts just one button, which is always nice. It’s simplicity is what attracted our attention to it, and eventually the boss picked one up himself to solve his wireless frustrations.

His comment on the whole arrangement was positive, saying that,

“Arrives with 2 plugs and 2 ethernet cables. Plug ‘em in, they find one another, and connect one end to your router/modem and the other to your PC or whatever it is you want to get signal.

Good signal, though it’ll vary with your house setup. Been gaming on it and no lag, most importantly of all.

Saved me drilling a hole through my living room ceiling to get a cable upstairs to my desktop.”

Belkin’s Gigabit Powerline HD starter kit is down to €114.42 this week, which is always nice.

Sapphire Radeon HD 5670:

One of the things that’s always nice to be able to offer at lower prices, since there’s a fairly constant demand, is any kind of graphics card. This week it’s Sapphire’s Radeon HD5670.

Click through to see our page for the Radeon HD 5670 🙂

I’ve said before that it’s difficult to write about a lot of graphics cards, since most of the time users will be looking for different specifications or know what they’re looking for already. Still, there are a few bits and pieces I can point out. The first is that the HD 5670 boasts 1GB of GDDR5 RAM, a clock speed of 775MHz and is, as you’d have guessed, DirectX 11 capable. It outputs at a resolution of 1600×900.

This week, Sapphire’s Radeon HD 5670 is down to €99.60.

Pioneer VSX-919AH-K:

Pioneer’s VSX919AH-K is a fairly heavy duty surround receiver, but it’s also a very handy device to pick up for anyone who finds their home media centre expanding just a little out of their ability to control it.

Click through to see our page for the Pioneer receiver :)

Essentially, Pioneer’s VSX-919AH-K is a bank of inputs for your various different media players and games consoles (as well as anything else you have that might push content out through speakers or HDMI/component). All you need to do is plug in your various devices and then plug in your speakers and TV to the relevant ports and you can use its own remote to switch quickly between whichever devices you’d actually like to be seeing on the TV or hearing on your speakers at any given time.

It’s relatively simple, but it also boasts its own radio tuner, which is something sadly missing from so many media centres. It also means less clutter, which makes it a much easier sell with the other half…

This week, the Pioneer VSX-919AH-K is marked down to €377.44 🙂 Enjoy all.


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