Apple Addresses Flicker Issue on iMac


Toyota must wish they dealt in IT rather than cars today. They have a fault with one of their cars and they have to recall a few hundred thousand and it’ll cost them millions in the process. Apple meanwhile has a product fault that has annoyed thousands yet they can just swan in with an update and solve the issue straight away.

Flicking annoying.

Owners of iMacs with a 27-inch screen have, according to the LATimes been complaining mightily on the Internet since the computer debuted last October that the display had an annoying flicker. Today however, Apple has released a firmware fix for the flicker on its website. It should take most owners of the all-in-one desktop only a few minutes to download.

However, users have also been complaining of a ‘yellow tinge’ on the display and there’s no sign of any fix for that particular problem as yet so that might require some professional help. An Apple discussion forum thread on the flickering issue had about 271 pages of comments and complaints, with more than 500,000 views as of Monday night.


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5 Responses to “Apple Addresses Flicker Issue on iMac”

  1. Car Says:

    wow my macbook pro works perfectly never have any probs with it…well apple’s customer service is number 1 so if they can’t fix it with a firmware they will definitely take care of it through snail mail

  2. nutterguy Says:

    This is the second “fix” for this issue…
    Also Car unless your Macbook Pro is a 27″ screen Macbook Pro I do believe your not affected. ;-D

    So glad my screen is not my computer, even though I have had no trouble with my lovely 26″ Samsung (from it just seems like a very bad idea to pack it all in one…

  3. nutterguy Says:

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