Chrome Creeps Forward in Browser War


It seems that the neverending browser war is now seeing Google’s Chrome inch forward, for the second month in a row, though this time it seems to be pinching its users from both Microsoft and Mozilla.

Last time we heard any real news from the browser stakes, it was that Firefox had, however temporarily, managed to claw itself to the top of the pile when it came to the most users on a single version of any one browser, while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer userbase was sploit between IE6, IE7 and the newer IE8. Still, there has been other news of interest, not least of which the fact that Google’s Chrome has been performing quite well, at least according to statistics from Net Applications.

Indeed, when Google’s browser first managed to push itself into third place, at the expense of Apple’s Safari, it had seemed it could well be a temporary shift. Chrome’s move into third place coincided neatly with the release of a stable versin of the browser for Mac OS, meaning that it was very likely to see a bump downwards for Safari as new users tried Google’s browser out and left Safari behind.

Now though, we’ve seen Safari grow by 0.05% while Chrome has managed to grow by around the 0.57%. Moreover, those users that have dropped seem likely to have come from either Firefox or Internet Explorer, both of which shrank…

Still, it’s curious to see Chrome growing without having made any major releases since the last round of reports on browser stats came out; it seems to indicate a level of interest in Google’s browser that, while it’s not threatening either IE or Firefox for now, it’s unlikely the competition is unaware of.


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3 Responses to “Chrome Creeps Forward in Browser War”

  1. Chrome Creeps Forward in Browser War »Coolweather Says:

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  2. nutterguy Says:

    This seems to disagree totally with what your saying… about there being no major release of Chrome. Version 4 was released pretty recently as you can see by Chrome v3 usage dropping off a cliff.

    Also Firefox was only the top browser version for 2 months, IE8 is now the most popular browser on the web taking over from IE6(finally)!

    • komplettie Says:

      Chrome 4 came out just before the last big run of browser stats, which had meant a fairly big bump in its userbase that people thought might only be temporary… though I should probably have been a little more specific when I said “recently” 😉

      I’m really happy to see IE8 taking over from IE6, it’s one of those things that, whether you use IE or not, people will have to cater to if it’s a majority browser. Progress for everyone 🙂

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