DVD and Blu-Ray Prices to Rise?


It seems that prices for Blu-Ray and DVD could well rise over the course of the next couple of months, due to increasing costs of manufacturing blank discs.

Prices could rise in the coming months...

Word comes via Digitimes of the rising cost of polycarbonate, which is one of those “can’t do without” materials when it comes to manufacturing disc-based media. While the price of polycarbonate has already been on the rise, it’s been reported that if the price of raw materials continues to rise when we can expect to see that cost passed on to those of us on the opposite end.

Moreover, the anticipated rise in prices has led to those who might be hit hardest placing bulk orders. Those bulk orders, hitting before any price bump, could mean that we won’t see any evidence of rising costs on the consumer end for quite some time yet, if indeed we see prices rise at all, but it could also lead to a relative shortage of stock, which would also serve to drive prices upwards.

It’s all very interesting stuff, but it’d be curious to see what might happen if we saw a gradual increase in price or a shortage of disc-based media, but it’d be very interesting to see if it spurred the adoption of some alternatives. Of course, the big curiosity on our side would be whether or not a price-hike in optical media would see increased adoption of hard drives for media storage.

In that case, we might well see renewed interest in media players that offer a direct connection between a HDD and a TV, which would certainly be an interesting move if it went more mainstream.

For now though, it’s all a little up in the air. Still, interesting times.


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