Google News Adds “Starring Stories”


Google News has added the ability to follow a particular story closely for those who decide that they’d like to keep up with the various updates to a block of news pieces.

Google has announced the new feature through the medium of the official Google blog. It’s a relatively simple move, offering a relatively easy way to keep up with developing news stories. All you need do is “star” the story in the same way as a Gmail conversation that you’d like to maintain easy access to. The official blog from Google explains things in a fairly straightforward manner,

“Users can mark a story by clicking on the star next to it, like they can with messages in Gmail and items in Google Reader. When you star a story in Google News, it’s one way to let us know you’re interested in that subject. When there are significant updates, we will alert you by putting the headline in bold so you can get more information. You can also follow your most recent starred stories in the “Starred” section of Google News.”

As we said above, it’s all very simple, but it’s something that should genuinely help ensure that Google News updates find their way to the folks who actually want to hear about them… custom news is always a nice thing to have.


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