Buffalo to Release PS3-Specific Drives


It seems that Buffalo is to launch two new drives, specifically made to cater to those of us using Sony’s PlayStation 3 console as a media player, and somehow, it seems an interesting prospect.

TGDaily is carrying word of the two new drives from Buffalo, news of which has hit in the same week as the announcement that Microsoft is to offer a 250GB external drive for sale, initially at least, only in Japan for its Xbox 360. Still, the drives from Buffalo seem a little heavier-duty than Microsoft’s offering, boasting fully 500GB of external storage for the Sony device.

Indeed, the Buffalo drives are a fairly interesting piece of kit, considering the fact that most users will be fairly pleased to just connect any old external drive to their PS3. The drives come in two flavours, one of which designed for vertical storage and another for horizontal, and boast a row of LEDs to give the user as quick an impression as possible of just how much space they have left.

Of course, the big issue is that, as we said above, the PS3 is fairly connection-happy when it comes to drives. Indeed, as long as they’re FAT32, we’ve yet to encounter a drive that the PS3 won’t read and write to… That could well damage Bufallo’s business, especially considering the fact that both drives weigh in at a little more than you’d expect to see a 500GB external at $130.

That said, it seems likely that there’ll be a fairly heavy trade to be had from those who aren’t aware than PS3 users can plug in just about any drive…

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