Corsair to Launch New Desktop SSDs


It seems that Corsair is to take a move further into the burgeoning solid-state storage market, by offering a line of new solid-state drives (SSDs), some of which will be particularly pleasing to the desktop bound among us.

Corsair's 2.5-inch SSDs are genuinely lovely to look at...

While most SSDs tend to weigh in at the notebook friendly 2.5” mark, it seems that Corsair is following OCZ’s lead by making some of its heavier-duty SSDs more accessible for those who want to use them to bulk up their desktop. Indeed, the new offering from corsair is a 3.5” drive (so there shouldn’t be any more fussing around with brackets to get it to fit into a desktop case) that boasts fully 512GB of storage and a 128MB cache, with read and write speeds of to 200MB/s and 240MB/s respectively.

It’s an interesting piece of kit, but unfortunately it’s going to set you back a pretty penny if you’re looking at this and thinking, “Yes, I do often think that my desktop could benefit from a half-terrabyte of solid-state storage…” Indeed, the word from the folks at Hexus is that we can expect to see it weighing in around the £1,250 mark (which is, today at least, around the €1,400 mark).

Still, that does make it a little more appealing than OCZ’s Goliath, which boasts fully 1TB on an SSD, but will set you back somewhere around the €3,000 mark… All the same, it’s nice to see heavy-duty SSDs start to emerge for real desktop use. Indeed, at 512GB, it’s not entirely unreasonable to start keeping a lot more than just your OS and a few frequently used applications on your SSD now, so with any luck we’ll start to see more people move to SSDs in their desktops, though for now it seems likely most will wait for the price to drop a little.

For now, we’d reckon that lower-cost devices like Intel’s X25, despite the fact that it weighs in at 80GB, will likely be a better option for most, given that the majority of users will likely just use their SSD for, as we said above, their OS and a few frequently used applications.


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