Facebook Briefly Adds Music App


It seems that Facebook has added an apparently official music app to its lineup, before fairly quickly disappearing the app from the pages of people who’d noticed it.

Face. Book.

It’s interesting stuff, especially given the fact that so many had pointed to Facebook as one service that could benefit hugely from the addition of an officially sanctioned music service. TechCrunch is reporting that, during its relatively brief life, the Facebook Music app responded in the same manner as other official Facebook apps, bringing you to a page marked Facebook.com/music if you clicked through it, though there was nothing on the page. The app has since gone missing, interestingly enough.

It’d be interesting to see Facebook launch a music service, given the fact that it has somewhere in the region of 375 million regular users. That’s certainly enough traffic to see a music service used, especially one that got a little push from Facebook officially (as other music apps might not). Indeed, it could well succeed where Spotify has apparently had some trouble – the relatively simple gaining enough users part of the plan.

Indeed, the only real question is just what form we might see a Facebook Music styled service arrive in. It could well be the case that such a service would be similar to Spotify’s ad-supported model or one that sees Facebook’s strange currency (Facebook Credits) used for music “microtransactions.” Stranger still, it could simply be a subscription-based service.

Still, we’d imagine that the data Facebook could provide advertisers would make it a lot more attractive than services like Spotify and Rhapsody… the sheer amount of demographic data a Facebook run music service could pull is staggering. It seems like something people would be willing to pay for.


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2 Responses to “Facebook Briefly Adds Music App”

  1. Joe Says:

    May be testing out a music app is the next plan. We might see digital music store yet

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