PSP Go Hovering in Limbo


It seems that the overall response to Sony’s PSP Go, the solid-state-only version of its PlayStation Portable handheld games device.

It's a bit of a strange device alright...

Word comes from Engadget that Sony might well be considering something of a relaunch of the device after the lacklustre launch and the fact that the device seems to have managed to fade from the public consciousness incredibly quickly. It’s an unusual tactic, as it effectively announces to the more observant among your potential customers that things aren’t going quite as well as you might initially have expected them to.

Still, among the rumours of renewed marketing investment on Sony’s part is word that we may well see a drop in the device’s price, which would certainly make it something of a more attractive prospect. At the moment, the PSP Go sits above the Xbox 360’s price point, which many have felt is just a little too much to ask for a portable gaming device.

Of course, one of the biggest criticisms behind the PSP Go has been the fact that it doesn’t boast a UMD drive, meaning that it lacks the ability to play games and movies distributed on the physical media originally intended for the PSP. This has been a boon for many, who consider the vastly improved load times and longer battery life to be a massive plus. That said, it’s proved to be something of a headache for those who already own something of a library of PSP titles and now find need to migrate to a purely digital one.

With all of that said, there certainly seems to be no shortage of people out there who’ve actually bought the PSP Go at its current price and are quite pleased with the whole package… it could well simply be the case that the negative image is simply a poor first impression made by the device, in which case a bit of a relaunch with a lowered price could be just what the doctor ordered.

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