Nintendo Developing New Device


It seems that the folks at Nintendo, despite its persistent and fairly unconvincing dismissal of any rumours until now, could well be working on a new console, something outside of its current lines entirely.

This... is not a GameBoy

Rumours that Nintendo had been working on something new had been floating around for a while, though many indicated that Nintendo would be to build an updated version of its motion-sensitive Wii (with many wondering if it could possibly be capable of high-definition output) while others had pointed to a motion-sensitive version of its by now near ubiquitous DS hardware. Instead, it seems that Nintendo is working on something a little different.

Indeed, the word from the folks over at is that Nintendo is working on a “new platform” entirely, something completely removed from its current product lines. For now though, it’s well worth pointing out that it’s all being treated as rumour and speculation whenever anyone asks Nintendo about it. Still, the idea itself is quite intriguing.

While many have pointed to fanciful new hardware (essentially constituting a wishlist of various features they’d like to see in a new piece of Nintendo kit) it makes sense to think of things that Nintendo has hinted at in the past. On our side, we’d be very interested to see something released that related to the old GameBoy line, or more accurately, an update to it.

Nintendo has said umpteen times now that the vastly popular DS is not taking the place of the GameBoy, instead being a different device that Nintendo doesn’t see as a continuation of the GameBoy… could we see Nintendo cranking up for a new GameBoy? Nostalgia would have me there on day one.


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