Product Spotlight – Garmin Nuvi 200W


Good afternoon folks, hopefully it’s been a good week so far for those of you out there in internet-land. As those of you who’ve read the blog for a while now will know, we like to post up one product every week or so that someone in the office has taken a particular shine to. It’s basically a space where those of us working in the office can recommend a product that we’re using ourselves for those of you who might be looking for something similar.

Click through to check out our page for Garmin's Nuvi 200W 🙂

Anyway, this week our spotlit product is Garmin’s Nuvi 200W. It’s a relatively straightforward GPS that does just about everything you need it to, without overloading on features, so it’s not weighed down in terms of bulk or cost. Essentially, it’s that fact that makes it so attractive. It’s not going to bury you in features, but it should give you just about everything you need without breaking the bank… moreover, it looks well.

That’s a large part of the appeal here too, the fact is that the Nuvi 200W boasts only one thing over its baby brother, the Nuvi 200, and that’s the fact that it’s widescreen… and that change in aspect makes all the difference. The fact is that the Nuvi 200W is easier to use than most other GPS units at this price point by virtue of the fact that the screen is broad enough to use even if you, like a couple of us in the office, have the thumbs of a particularly clumsy carpenter.

It’s all very easy too, which makes it a solid recommendation for any of you who might be shopping for a present for someone a little older who may just want some fairly simple options and might be entirely befuddled by the various bells and whistles that higher end GPS devices can offer.

All In all, it’s a solid device that gets the job done and looks well doing it. Not much more to ask for than that.

Garmin’s Nuvi 200W is currently down to €99, so it’s a bit of a steal at the moment 🙂


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