Star Trek Online too Popular for Own Good


It seems that the latest MMO offering on the go, Cryptic Studio’s Star Trek Online, has proved to be just a little too popular at launch, with many reporting issues connecting to the game’s servers.

Sometimes, I wish new Atari and old Atari were the same company...

Indeed, word comes via Cryptic Studios itself of the issue, which has dogged it since the launch of its beta phase (which saw invitations issued to all those who had opted to pre-order the game) when complaints began to emerge of long queues for those looking to play. Cryptic had reassured users that it would be upgrading to keep its capacity in line with subscriptions, but it seems that the launch has been successful enough for those upgrades not quite to keep up.

The official line from Cryptic’s Star Trek Online team is that,

“Throughout Head Start we noticed the overwhelming response to the game and we are working on changes to further increase the number of people who can play Star Trek Online at any given time. Our current plan is to have these changes in place sometime this coming weekend. We will, of course, keep you updated on progress as it happens.

Really, we just want to thank you all again for your continued support and patience. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here.”

The statement is quite solid, reassuring players that, by the first weekend after the game’s launch, they should be better catered to, but it likely won’t prove enough for many who have already been disappointed by the whole experience.

Indeed, there are three of us in the office already playing the game, and one has already decided that he’s going to try and get his money back, saying that he’ll consider buying in again at some stage later on, when the whole thing works as you might expect it to.


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