Top 5 Games of 2009 – Wii Dominates


Usually we only really see charts and figures from the US when it comes to the games industry, but now there’s been a list compiled of the best selling games of last year, and it looks like Nintendo is going strong.

Apparently, it still prints money

The report was compiled by industry analysts MCV, which goes through a fairly in-depth breakdown of just how well the games industry has been performing over the course of 2009 before launching into the list proper. It’s interesting to see that, despite the fact that some games sold fantastically well (Modern Warfare 2 being the most obvious example), there was still something of a decline worldwide, which is to be expected given the current economic climate. Surprisingly though, a large proportion of that decline seems to have come from the aging PlayStation 2 market…

Still, without any further ado, we’ll get right down to the top five games from last year, and the results might be a little surprising for some.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2. Wii Sports Resort
3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
4. Wii Fit Plus
5. Wii Fit

If nothing else, that much certainly seems to indicate that the “casual” gaming market that Nintendo has effectively cornered with its combination of the motion-sensitive Wii and its touch-sensitive DS. Moreover, it seems that the company is doing very well indeed out of the extra peripherals that were added to the Wii over time, which many had said would fracture the user base, which has historically been a bad thing.

It’s also interesting to see that there are, from 2009 alone, there are already 7.75 million or so of Nintendo’s Wii Motion Plus in the wild, and that’s if we only count the devices distributed with games… saying nothing of those that may have been picked up independently.

It’s also interesting to see that fully four of the top five aren’t just games for a Nintendo console, but that they’re first-party titles. While Nintendo will be happy with the news, it’s likely that others developing games for its consoles aren’t enjoying it quite as much…


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