eBook Users Have No Regrets


It seems that those of us who have already mode the move to electronic books are very well served indeed by them, apparently regardless of the hardware options.

Indeed, word comes via RegHardware of a survey from industry analysts NPD that those who’ve sprung for ebook reading hardware are very pleased indeed with their purchases. Apparently, 93% of those who’ve picked up an ebook reader fall into either the “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” camps in NPD’s research. Perhaps more interesting still is the fact that only 2% of those surveyed actually said that they weren’t satisfied with their devices.

Equally interesting is the fact that the consumer satisfaction survey can be used to break people down into camps according to which ebook readers they might be using. For example, the folks at RegHardware are quick to point out that 60% of people listed their wireless connectivity as their favourite feature of their ebook reader.

Given that wireless was only really boasted by Amazon’s Kindle when the survey was carried out, it’s a safe enough bet to say that at least 60% of those who took the survey were using the kindle. Similarly, 23% listed the touch-screen on their device, which at the time points to people using Sony’s Reader Touch (the PRS-600 being the only model then to offer it).

It’s curious stuff alright, but it was also interesting to see that ebook users apparently want a better battery life from their device. As someone working in an office that has two Kindle’s and living in a household with two Sony Readers, that much seems very surprising indeed. Both sets of users report battery life to be around a week of relatively heavy use for the devices.

Still… longer than a week would always be nice.


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