Release the Beast!


Any gaming gizmo that can bring you back to the sheer innocent joy of heading to an arcade as a kid is alright by me (though maybe that’s due to my personal peak of gameplay being at around six years old, ever since it’s been one giant collection of uncoordinated losses) and with that in mind, the Hori Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX arcade stick looks like the absolute business.

Essentially it’s like you’ve tried to nick an arcade unit but only managed to get away with the control panel. Okay, it’s a bit of beast, we’ll give you that – and it should clock in at around €240 when it reaches here – but the impracticality of it is part of its charm. The dead leg will be worth it!

It’s the biggest fight-stick yet for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and Gizmodo point out that it’s “modeled after the actual Taito Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet, the controller features Sanwa buttons along with a flip up panel that allows you to rewire/configure the device as you see fit”.


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